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A´la Carte Menu

Ma - Ti 15.00 - 22.00
Ke -pe 15.00 -23.00
La 16.00 - 23.00

weekdays 11.00 – 15.00

Soup of the day
9,50 €
Includes breads and coffee or tea.

15,50 €
Includes soup of the day, salad buffet and coffee or tea.

Lunch buffet
21,00 €
Includes soup of the day, salad buffet, main sources in the buffet, dessert and coffee or tea.

Weekend 12.00 – 16.00

Nallikari Brunch
22,00 €
Includes salad buffet, soup of the day, warm dishes, waffle buffet and coffee or tea.

Bistro Menu

Nallikari Beef burger (l)
17,50 €
Nallikari beef burger: beef,
Monterey Jack cheese, tomatoes, pickled cucumber, lettuce and mayonnaise.

Nallikari Chicken burger (l)
17,00 €
Nallikari chicken burger: chicken confit,
Monterey Jack cheese, red onion chutney, tomatoes, pickled cucumber, lettuce and mayonnaise.

Veggie burger (Ve)
17,00 €
Black bean patty, vegan cheese, sweet pepper chutney,
lettuce, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers and vegan mayonnaise.

Served with chips or mixed salad.

Fish & chips (l)
12,80 €
Fish & chips with aioli.

Nallikari Shrimp Sandwich (l)
16,80 €
Shrimps and mayonnaise, organic house bread and salad. Served with chips or mixed salad.

Nallikari Pork Sandwich (l)
16,80 €
Slow-cooked pork with organic house bread and salad. Served with chips or mixed salad.

Shrimp waffle (l)
14,50 €
Shrimps skagen, salad, arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and red onion.

Chicken BBQ waffle (l)
14,50 €
Chicken BBQ, salad, arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and red onion.

Bistro menu portions
Gluten-free option available

Dipp sauces
a´1,20 €
Mayonnaise, BBQ-mayonnaise, aioli, remoulade sauce


Mixed salad (g, m)
7,50 €
Mixed salad, roasted seeds and basil vinairrette.

Caesar salad (l)
8,70 € | 14,20 €
Caesar salad; romaine lettuce, Parmesan and croutons with Caesar dressing.
 Add on
4,80 €
Chicken or goat cheese or shrimps. 

Chicken and goat cheese salad (g, l)
10,60 € | 16,20 €
Chicken and goat cheese salad: mixed salad, tomato, cucumber, red onion and basil vinaigrette.

Reindeer carpaccio (g, m)
15,20 €
Reindeer carpaccio, deep fried capers, cheddar, pine nuts, wild mushrooms, lingonberry vinaigrette.

              - Gemtree Cinnabar Organic Grenach, Australia -

Blue mussels with blue cheese (g, l)
13,80 € | 21 €
served with chips and aioli.

            - Hessenstein Riesling Feinherb, Germany –

Classic French onion soup (l)
10,20 € | 14,00 €
with goat cheese and house sourdough bread.

      - E Got IGT Rubicone 2017, Italy –

Merenherkut (g, l)
15,50 €
Ice cellar arctic char, arctic char terrine, king crab and crayfish vinaigrette

 - Dopff au Moulin Ryu 2017, France-

Main Course

Grilled country chicken (l)
23,00 €
Carrot barley pearls and bird stock. (Gluten-free option available)

- Delicioso, 100 % Tempranillo, Spain –

Grilled beef fillet and over cooked beef brisket (g, l)
29,00 €
Roasted potatoes and dark onion sauce.

      - Nauta, 100% Monastrell, Spain-

Sautéed reindeer (g, l)
25,00 €
Mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickled cucumber.

  - La La Land, 100% Tempranillo, Australia -

Pike perch g, l)
28,60 €
Roasted artichoke and Lappish potatoes and browned butter sauce.

- La La Land,100% Pinot Gris, Australia -

Cep and vegetable lasagna (l)
with sprout salad and parmesan cheese.

- E Got IGT Rubicone 2017, Italy –

 Lapsille | For Children
6 €

Pasta bolognese (l)
Traditional Bolognese sauce of Limousine beef.

Grilled chicken breast (g, l)
with chips.

Pan-fried salmon (g, l)
Roasted potatoes.

Hamburger (l)
with chips.


Crème brûlée (g, l)
9,50 €
Lingonberry ice cream.

Chocolate almond cake (g, l)
11,20 €
with cloudberry ice cream.

- Nittnaus Beerenauslese, Austria -

Sand cake (g, l)
10,40 €
with blueberry pannacotta and blueberry sorbet.

             - Casas del Bosque Late Harvest, Chile -

Selection of cheese (l)
11,00 €
with house compote and crisp bread.

Strawberry waffle (l)
8,80 €
with strawberries, strawberry jam,
strawberry ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Nallikari waffle (l)
9,60 €
with caramel ice cream, caramel sauce, merenque and whipped cream.

Trio sundae (g, l)
7.80 €
Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Ice cream scoop
à 3,20 €
Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate (g,l)
    Mint- chocolate (vl,g) | raspberry- and mango ice cream (Ve, g)

Ice cream toppings (g, l)
à 1,00 €
Chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, liquorice sauce,
maple syrup, strawberry jam, whipped cream.

 G= Gluten-free, L Lactose-free
* Childrens portion Lapset alle 13v
Our foods may contain allergens. Please ask the waiters for more information.

Open hours

Mon-Tue 11-22 | Wed-Fri 11-23 | Sat 12-23|Sun 12-17
Nallikarinranta 15 | FI-90510 Oulu
Puh: +35844-515 1500

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