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A´la Carte Menu
Mon - Tue 3 pm to 10 pm
Wed - Sat 3 pm to 11 pm


weekdays 11.00 – 15.00

Soup of the day
9,50 €
Includes, breads and coffee or tea.

15,50 €
Saaristolaisbuffet includes soup of the day, salad buffet and coffee or tea.

Lunch buffet includes soup of the day, salad buffet, main sources in the buffet, dessert and coffee or tea.

Weekend 12.00 – 16.00

Nallikari Brunch
22,00 €
Nallikari Brunch Includes salad buffet, soup of the day, warm dishes, waffle buffet and coffee or tea.

Bistro Menu

Nallikari Beef burger (l)
16,00 €
Nallikari burger, Limousine beef. Served with chips or mixed salad.

Nallikari Chicken burger (l)
16,00 €
Nallikari burger, chicken confit. Served with chips or mixed salad.

Fish & chips (l)
11,80 €
Fish & chips and aioli.

Nallikari Shrimp Sandwich (l)
16,00 €
Shrimps, house bread and salad. Served with chips or mixed salad.

Nallikari Pork Sandwich (l)
16,00 €
Slow-cooked pork with house bread and salad. Served with chips or mixed salad.

Shrimp waffle (l)
13,80 €
Shrimps skagen, salad, arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and red onion.

Chicken BBQ waffle (l)
13,80 €
Chicken BBQ, salad, arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and red onion.

Dipp sauces: Mayonnaise, BBQ-mayonnaise, aioli, remoulade sauce
1.20 each


Green salad (g, m)
7,50 €
Mixed salad, roasted seeds and pickled cucumber.

Caesar-salad (l)
8,70 € / 14,20 €
Romaine lettuce, Parmesan and croutons with Caesar dressing.
Add on; chicken or goat cheese or shrimps
4,80 €

Chicken and goat cheese salad (g, l)
10,20 € / 15,80 €
Grilled chicken breast and goat cheese, mixed salad, tomato, cucumber, red onion and balsamico vinaigrette.

Merenherkut (g, l)
13,70 €
Lightly salted whitefish, whitefish tartar, whitefish roe, fennel and fennel mayonnaise.

Veal sweetbreds (l)
13,20 €
Veal sweetbreads served with Jerusalem artichoke purée, deep-fried Jerusalem artichoke and burnt onions.

Bouillabaisse (g, l)
14,50 € / 19,80 €
French classic bouillabaisse with Finnish whitefish, blue mussels scallops and baby octopus.

Blue mussels in white wine sauce (g, l)
13 € / 20 €
with chips and aioli.

Main Course

Grilled beef fillet 200g and choron sauce (g, l)
32,50 €
Grilled beef fillet 200g, choron sauce, roasted onion purée and potato cake.

Overcooked lamb nec and fried lamb cutlets (g, l)
25,20 €
Overcooked lamb neck and fried lamb cutlets, roasted garlic potatoes purée served with red wine sauce.

Whitefish (g l)
24,60 €
Pan-fried whitefish, celery purée, sautéed beluga lentils and creamy crab sauce.

Sautéed reindeer (g, l)
24,80 €
Sautéed reindeer, mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickled cucumber.

Savoy cabbage and wild mushroom (g, l)
18,50 €
Savoy cabbage and wild mushroom patée with braised savoy cabbage.

For Children

Pasta bolognese (l)
6,00 €
Traditional Bolognese sauce of Limousine beef.

Grilled chicken breast (g, l)
6,00 €
with mashed potatoes or chips.

Sautéed reindeer (g, l)
6.00 €
with mashed potatoes

Fried whitefish (g, l)
6,00 €
with mashed potatoes or chips.

Hamburger (l)
6,00 €
with chips.


Cloudberry and licorice (g, l)
10,80 €
Cloudberry cake, cloudberry ice cream and licorice purée.

Lingonberry Panna Cotta (g, l)
9,50 €
Served with caramel ice cream and dried lingonberries.

Chocolate cake and blackcurrant sorbet (g, l)
10,20 €

Selection of local cheese (l)
10,80 €
With house compote and crispbread.

Strawberry waffle (vl)
8,80 €
Served with strawberries, strawberry jam, strawberry ice cream,
chocolate sauce
and whipped cream.

Sea buckthorn and white chocolate waffle (vl)
Served with sea buckthorn sorbet,
white chocolate sauce and caramelized white chocolate.

Nallikari waffle (vl)
Served with rocky road ice cream, caramel sauce, fudge and whipped cream.

Trio sundae (vl)
7.80 €
Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Jäätelöpallo (g,vl)
à 3,20 €
Ice cream; Vanilla, strawberry, mint, chocolate or raspberry sorbet.

Sauce (g, l)
à 0,80 €
Ice cream toppings; Chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, liquorice sauce or whipped cream.

  G= Gluten free, L = Lactose free, VL = Low lactose
Childrens portion under 13v -50%

Our foods may contain allergens. Please ask the waiters for more information

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Open hours

Mon-Tue 11-22 | Wed-Fri 11-23 | Sat 12-23|
Nallikarinranta 15 | FI-90510 Oulu
Puh: +35844-515 1500

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